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Friday, April 11, 2008

Dendrobium Secundum

Info dari

Dendrobium secundum This species was named in 1825 by Carl Blume. The name he gave it this plant was Pedilonum secundum. In 1829 John Lindley gave this species the currently accepted name of Dendrobium secundum. Secundum refers to the fact that the flowers all face one direction. This species is also found in the Himalayas, Burma, Thailand, Sumatra, and Borneo. This plant grows
up to 3 feet long. Atop the long canes, there is an explosion of bright pink color in the spring. There is an alba form available. There can be as many as 50 flowers per cane. The flowers are rather small, but the species makes up for the size in volume. This species needs warm weather year round and should have bright filtered light. It will need a rest in the winter to encourage blooming in the spring. The flowers last about 2 weeks.

One of the best known Dendrobium orchids , popular more with scientists and professional cultivators than with gardeners and exotic plant lovers:the reasons being that the flowers are exceptionally tiny(about 0.4 in/1cm)-so tiny that even their multitudes per raceme connot compensate for their size. Thepseudobulbs are deciduous ,up to 20 in/ 50 cm long,narrow at the ends . The flowers are pinkish purple with a minuscule yellow lip. The plant requirs epiphytic cultivation , plenty of sunshine and air during the growth period,only a slight reduction of temperature in winter. Several inflorescences can grow at once out of the apical knots of the pseudobulbs between the fall and spring . The plant is native to a large geographical area that includes Thailand,Vietnam and Malaysia ,the Philippines and islands in the Pacific Ocean

Dan gambarnya,

Ini pula pokok kepunyaanku. walaupun masih agak kecil, tapi aku harap dia akan mengeluarkan bunga selebat pokok yg lain. Insya-Allah.

1 comment:

Bella said...

Hello Kak Shida.
Bella here from Sabah.
erm nak tanya sikit pasal Dendrobium Secundum.

agaknya berapa harga ek?
sy dengar Kat area Ranau ada dijual biji benih Orkid. Sya nak beli. Kak tau ke boleh beli kat mana selain kat Ranau?

apa beza Indeginous Orkid dan Hybrid Orkid? sya sebenarnya nak kulturkan biji benih orkid. Boleh ke kalo sy kulturkan biji benih orkid D.Secundum terus? beli pure D.secundum seed then boleh kultur dah? mcm tu ek? sy nak kaji dgn media berlainan. kalo ble ngan bahan organik.